New concert venues and other news

Some exciting things are going to happen in the nearby future!

In the calendar section you can find new data entries for some upcoming venues where i will be performing.

But the biggest thing until now for me is that i have the honor to perform at a very well know festival in a few months!
At this point i cannot give you any details but they will be online soon… So keep checking this site for more info about this venue!

As of September 2012 i will be part of the team at Music academy Metronoom, located in Bruges. Together with my colleagues Arnaud De Rouck and Cathy van Houcke i will be responsible for both Piano and Vocal courses.


New entry's

I've added some dates when i will be performing in the Calendar Section.
And the movies are now fully online. You can see them here.
In the Audio samples section you can listen to some new tracks that have been added.
These tacks were recorded live during a performance in the Auditorium Ghent. Together with Baritone Charles de Keyser.

Welcome everyone

Hello and welcome to my homepage!

Lot brussel 1

I thought it was time to give my homepage a new and fresh appearance.
This whole website is now fully in English.
Hopefully you will all enjoy it and visit me here once in a while.
I will try to update this homepage as often as possible.

Best Regards, Charlotte.